Best of Bot TI: Blade Mail, Brawls and BM

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Bot TI wrapped up over the weekend with a production value-filled and action packed series of matches between the best the bot world had to offer. Let's take a look at some of the best moments from the broadcasts over the last week! When we say this match between Bristleback and Warlock came down to the wire, we REALLY mean it. The ending is slow and seemingly inevitable, but will one spell usage turn the tide?

Pugna's Nether Ward and Kunkka's Ghost Ship have both proven to be game-winners in this event, but what happens when the two meet?

What happens when damage reduction meets damage reduction? It's a damn close call between Underlord and Kunkka.

The casters weren't kidding when they shouted about checking the tapes. Here's another instance where the tapes needed to be checked - but can you tell which hero won?

Poor Spirit Breaker was traumatized by his Level 5 match against Legion Commander.

Speaking of production value, Beyond the Summit put together a TI-style player profile for one of their Top 16 bots — Enigma!

Sadly, Enigma didn't stand a chance against Phoenix's superior mobility. This clip is from their upper bracket match, but Enigma was ultimately knocked out by another loss to Phoenix later in the lower bracket

Finally, BTS wrapped things up with an homage to deadmau5's notorious TI5 closing performance. This one is much better by the way.

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