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The DPC is over and we are waiting for our next LAN. DOTA Summit 9 is finally bringing some action at the end of July but, before that happens, we look at some fantastic videos created at previous editions of the event in Los Angeles. First of all, we introduce you to Evil Blitz.

That was enough negativity for a while. Let's see a creative advertisement with some nice lyrics.

Nobody forgets the True Sight videos by Valve and how they gave us a new view on the players. This Not Quite True Sight shows us the hype for NA Qualifiers is everywhere.

Getting a visa can still be a huge problem for every professional esports player. BTS demonstrates perfectly how tough it is to get a visa for China. Can Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier pass the test?

In our last video the pros get a bit more emotional, when they talk about the moments they were kicked.

Which videos are your highlights, when you think back to all the great content by BeyondTheSummit?

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