Reminder: Sign up for the Community and Staff Cup open qualifiers!

posted by joinDOTA Staff,
Want a chance to play against the casters from both CIS and English scenes, content teams from Liquid, GosuGamers and joinDOTA and even FACEIT admins? You won't want to miss signing up for the Team Liquid/joinDOTA Community and Staff Cup open qualifier! You can also check here for the main event format. Sign-up for the open qualifiers is open through , just before the qualifier itself will take place. Click the banner below to head to the sign-up page.

That's not all! We've got a format ready to share with you as well. It's fairly simple, but we've got a group stage, tiebreakers and a playoff bracket. Since we've got 16 teams total, there will be two groups of four teams and two groups of three teams. Groups play round robin with Bo1 matches.

Gareth and Liquid community manager Zpikey do a live group draw on joinDOTARed. We promise it will be very fair and balanced.

The top two teams from each group advance to playoffs but, in the case of a tie, we've got a fun way to settle the score - Overthrow. Depending on the number of tied teams, it will be either 5v5 or 5v5v5 Overthrow.

The playoff will be a simple and classic single elimination bracket, also with Bo1 matches all the way through. We're looking forward to seeing which team can cheese their way to the top! Beware, our jD squad has prepared all of our finest strats.