posted by Abelle,
In this month (and a bit) before The International 2018, many pros are taking time off or hard at work bootcamping - but that doesn't mean there's no good Dota 2 streams to watch. Here are a few less-watched streamers you should be checking out.


Eskil 'eskillz' Sundblad plays with LeftOneTV, has visited the joinDOTA studios as a caster and frequently streams his pubs. Check him out by clicking his name above.


Kim 'Febby' Yong-Min didn't make it to TI this year but at least it means we get to enjoy his very entertaining streams.


If you're looking for entertainment over MMR, Shane has you covered. He hasn't been high on the Dota community's radar lately, but he's stills streaming Dota 2 for our enjoyment.


Come for the pubs, stay for the patch analysis. Tsunami always brings great insight as he works his way through testing out changes in each balance patch. Plus, who doesn't love that voice?


Maybe you know Braxton 'Brax' Paulson from his casting, or from his days playing professionally. Either way, check out his stream for some chill high level pubs with nice relaxing piano music.