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The stakes have changed but the contest is the same: become one of the top three Oracles on our prediction ranking each month, and you win one of our fabulous prizes. Competition was hot both in qualifiers around the world and for those of us trying to predict the outcome. Who came out on top? There was no shortage of matches to predict in June, thanks to the China Dota 2 Supermajor and The International 2018 qualifiers. In fact, our top-ranking Oracle from this month almost doubled the number of predictions from last month's #1.

Like last month, we've got a couple new names making Top 3 appearances. Congratulations are due to the leader of the ranks - Betramini, who scored a nice 69.8% correct predictions out of a whopping 281 games. Second place goes to Invulnerabl3, who's made a few top 10 appearances in past months but has finally cracked top 3. Well done! Finally, veteran Top 3 predictor Uuggaa rounds things out.

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Just because there's no DPC events in July, it doesn't mean jD Oracle will take a break. There's still plenty of events to predict this month - joinDOTA League Season 13, DOTA Summit 9, Rampage Series #1 and ProDota Cup.

If you can make it into the top 3 of this month's prediction ranking, you'll be rewarded with our new jD Oracle prize: a 25€ Steam Gift Card!

Need a refresher?

Making predictions on joinDOTA is easy! Just make sure you're logged in to your account on the site, then use either the coin symbol on the match ticker or click "jD Oracle" on the Events section of the menu. Either one will take you to a page that displays the next six matches open for predictions. As soon as you predict a match, it will disappear and a new one will pop in to take its place.

A little further down the page you'll see the rankings (click "Show all" to find past months). Your most recent predictions will be displayed at the bottom. Good luck!