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Alliance were only one step away from qualifying for The International 2018. They may not have made it to Vancouver, but they are showing a strong performance in joinDOTA League Season 13.

Only one week ago, Alliance celebrated their fifth year in Dota 2. The organization had their most successful year at the start with a win at TI3, but the Swedes have been labouring to reach their former glory ever since.

Alliance is unstoppable

German carry Max 'Qojqva' Broecker and his four Swedish teammates well on their way to dominating the European region in the joinDOTA League - at least in Group B.

Only LeftOneTV was able to take a game off the Swedes in a strong series. Every other Bo2 ended with two victories for Alliance.

Alliance vs LeftOne TV - Bo2 - joinDOTA League Season 13 EU w/ @dragondropdota von joinDOTARed auf ansehen

Wagamama needs the win tonight

This means that no team is able to push Alliance off the throne in Group B - they are qualified for the Premier Division Finals. Right now London eSports, LeftOneTV and Whites* are fighting for the second place in the group. LDN and Whites both already have one series win but LOTV are lagging behing with just two draws.

Tonight Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström and his teammates are playing against the Russian team of MEGA-LADA - a win could increase their hopes for the playoffs.

Singularity can't start another playoff run

In joinDOTA League, Team Singularity* was able to reach second place. Only The Final Tribe was able to win the a bo5 series against the European mix.

In this season, Singularity is in third place, right behind Helsinki REDS and Kingdra. Both teams already have two wins in the bag and only Yolo Knight has a chance to surpass one of the teams.

Do you think any team in Group A is able to stop Alliance?

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