Prepare your ... wallets. It's Battle Bundle time

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It's time. Valve have released their secret weapon, the Battle Level Bundle. Will you be parting ways with $24.99 this weekend?

$24.99 for 14 chests. Bargain?

The TI8 prizepool was slowing down considerably, even after the introduce of Immortal Treasure II. Valve have now unleashed their secret weapon, the Battle Level Bundle. Unlike last year, where a bug allowed players to purchase more than one, you will only be allowed one this year, but it will grant you 100 Battle Pass Levels along with some other goodies for $24.99.

As part of the Bundle you will receive 7 Immortal Treasure I's and more importantly 7 Immortal Treasure II's. For reference if you levelled up your Battlepass traditionally from level 1 to 100 by completing quests, you would only receive 6 Immortal Treasure I's and 2 Immortal Treasure II's. To get 7 Immortal Treasure II chests "normally" you would need to level up your BattlePass to level 230.

They've touched twice already. Can TI8's prizepool make a comeback? Prizepool Trackr

The BattlePass Bundle was released yesterday, and has resulted in a very sharp spike in the prizepool, which has now surpassed $17 million. So far the prizepool for TI7 and the upcoming TI8 have "touched" twice. However, the Bundle could well see players investing because of the additional 7 Immortal Treasure II chests on offer.

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