57k net worth swing secures TNC Predator a TI8 berth

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An incredibly tense match between the two TNC squads decided the final SEA slot for The International 2018. Tigers came very close to taking it, but TNC Predator clawed their way back in.

All three games of the series were tight. The first game was a win for the Tigers, but only after making a late-game comeback. A masterful bait play by Theeban '1437' Siva's Shadow Shaman played a big part in securing his team the game.

The second game was a close battle between both teams for most of the game but TNC Predator started to pull into a lead at the 43-minute mark and forced the series to a third deciding game.

We've seen the power of Phantom Lancer's Level 25 Doppelganger talent earlier in this qualifier, and we had another taste of it here today. If you don't know about it, it takes 7 seconds off the Doppelganger cooldown, giving it a mere 3 seconds of downtime. The illusions each last eight seconds, so this talent allows for a nigh endless stream of illusions and constant spell dodging.

When Muhammad 'inYourdreaM' Rizky's Phantom Lancer reached Level 25 and the Tigers pushed high ground with a Refresher Death Prophet and a nearly 25k net worth lead, things looked dire for Predator. It cost them several buybacks, but they managed to hold despite fighting what seemed like an unkillable PL.

The game slowly started to turn but it took another 30 minutes beyond TNC Tigers' highest point for TNC Predator to carefully secure mega creeps, and finally, the game.

This win secures TNC the second SEA qualifier spot at TI8. They'll join Fnatic, who qualified earlier this weekend.

Header photo source: TNC Pro Team

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