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THIS ARTICLE IS A PAID PROMOTION. A new event for tier 2 European and CIS teams has been announced for the first week of July, giving us a little more Dota 2 to watch while we wait for the big one in August.

Invited Teams

The event's four qualifiers are complete. One team from each qualifier advanced to the main event. They are:

The main event will be a sixteen team single elimination bracket with best-of-three matches throughout, except for the best-of-five Grand Final. Teams are playing for a share of the €5000 prize pool.

Things kick off on June 30th, and the event runs through July 8th. Both English and Russian broadcasters are ready to go. You can catch the English broadcast with PotM of the Moon and Dragondrop on Epulze's channel. The Russian cast will be manned by Finargot on Epulze's RU channel.

Epulze say that, with the help of, they hope to create a recurring tournament series that runs every 1-2 months and which can be a great place for tier 2 teams and smaller amateur teams a place to grow and improve.

About the Epulze platform

Epulze is all about growing the grassroots esports scene and offers competitive gaming and more exciting matches.

“Our dream is to be able to give everyone a sliver of the excitement that professional players feel when they are on the stage in front of tens of thousands of people.”

Epulze is an online esports platform where you’re able to participate in daily automated tournaments and challenges while competing for prize money and other rewards. The first game supported by Epulze is Dota 2 but the platform is built with scalability in mind and more game titles will be added soon.

You can check out their upcoming tournaments here!