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China's open qualifier squad Team Serenity only formed six months ago and have failed to qualify for every event they've played - until today. They've just had a dream run through The International 2018 qualifiers and booked the first slot in Vancouver.

The skill on display from this young team in the past week has drawn well-deserved comparisons to the likes of 2015 CDEC Gaming and 2016 Wings Gaming. Wings were known enough to be invited to the TI6 regional qualifier, but CDEC started their TI5 run in the open qualifiers.

Both were young teams with less well-known players, a stark contrast to the trend of China's top teams being made up of legendary veterans like Zhang 'xiao8' Ning, Zeng Rong 'MMY' Lei or Xu 'BurNIng' Zhilei.

Serenity's carry Jin 'flyfly' Zhiyi made his DPC debut with Keen Gaming at ESL One Hamburg 2017.

He left Keen to join Serenity when the team formed in January, and now he's overtaken his former squad in the TI qualifiers. Keen were knocked out in the group stage, and Serenity have booked their ticket to Vancouver.

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