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It was announced moments ago on the livestream of ca Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao that se No Tidehunter have decided to remove him from the roster so they can form an entirely Swedish roster. No Tidehunter has been struggling to find stable form recently and from the conversation that EternaLEnVy was having with his stream viewers this was a full team decision initiated by se Jonathan 'Loda' Berg.

According to EternaLEnVy the decision was made among the other four of the team prior to todays de Mousesports game which they lost, but he was only informed afterwards. The reason behind the change was stated to be a wish to form an all-Swedish team as certain players, above all se Jonathan 'Loda' Berg seems to have felt that the communication and synergy would improve. EnVy also stated that he believes strongly that the team's recent poor performances were a major contributing factor in the decision, as well as internal conflict between him and Loda.

No Tidehunter was originally formed by EnVy as well as se Gustav 's4' Magnusson, and EnVy was the captain of the team up until around a week ago, at which point he relenquished his drafting and leadership duties within the team on Loda's request.

EnVy has said he would still like to remain within competitive Dota 2 and to continue to pursue his dream of attending The International 2013. Speculation has already started concerning whether he may end up completing the lineup of eu QPAD Red Pandas, who have recently decided to let two of their support player trials go, fi Benjamin 'NotAHax' Läärä and ro Craciunescu 'ComeWithMe' Alexandru, with no indication who they would have in mind for the final spot on their roster.

EnVy has also already received an invitation to the reforming us Fnatic.NA roster, which was inadvertently shown on his stream. Whatever happens, EnVy clearly has the sympathies of many a pro player behind him, with some joining in on the discussion on Reddit and Twitter.

There is also no word on who might be available for No Tidehunter to pick up in his place, especially as notable long time friend and teammate of both Loda and se Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall, se Jesper 'Mirakel' Nyhlén, has recently joined the new roster of dk Absolute Legends.

The following statements were provided to EternaLEnVy to notify him of the decision:

se Jonathan 'Loda' Berg:

I spoke to everyone. And I did have a long talk about. And we decided that we believe more in a all swedish team, and that has to do with language, but also with synergy. You've done a lot for this team, and sure you have invested a lot, but so has everyone else. Thnx for everything uve done, and for helping us grow as players. And I know for sure that u will find a new team, u are the best at what you do, and I think we have helped u grow as a player aswell. Now u can do anything, and a lot of players will play with you. The reason for us is the nationality issue."

se Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall:

For whatever it means, I put in a really good word for you when we spoke about it. I said that I've never played with someone who was as good as you when it comes to the synergy of the 2 support players but Loda has a very clear though of what's best for the team and you probably understand that it aint an easy choise for me when it comes down to Loda or you. I'm not saying this to ease my conscience but because I want you to know that I think very highly of you as a player.

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ca Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao finalized his statement and posted it in it's entirety over at TeamLiquid. These are the key excerpts of his very detailed account of events.

Personally I felt that the reason as to why we were losing was because of lack of communication. No one was making calls anymore, especially S4 and AdmiralBullDog who made quite a lot of early game decisions back at DH. I complained a fair amount about the lack of communication but the issue was not solved for a week. Eventually, I came to a realization that perhaps they aren't meant to make those calls, and that it's my fault for not making more calls as the captain. This decision would probably haunt me all the way up till now.


A lot of my calls felt forced and so the chances of them being correct were much less than if I was confident about my calls. My death count increased significantly as well, and I felt like the reason for this was because I was unable to focus on my game, instead I focused on thinking for my teammates a lot more than I could handle.


Of course during this slump-period, like any other team, there were arguments. However, I've always had arguments with Loda, and I've never really argued with Admiral or Akke. This time though, S4 started having arguments with me as well, but we generally came to an agreement. Honestly, I didn't consider it so bad, I've had a lot worse on my previous teams and from what I've seen from other teams.


About 5 days ago, Loda messaged me on skype after having talked to the team. He wanted me to step down as captain and for him to take up the role. I wasn't really surprised, as I was honestly starting to doubt my own captaining abilities, and was thinking of stepping down myself. However, I was fairly pissed that we never had an open discussion about this, and Loda individually talked to everyone else on the team other than me. My response was that it's something I've considered as well, but there's no way I'm agreeing to this without a team discussion.


At the end of our convo, I complained quite a lot about how we handled this situation. That we all put our hopes and dreams in DotA and take the game very seriously. And because of how important it is to us, we should all speak up if there are any problems and put everything out there in the open. That I don't want any hard feelings or internal problems and that all issues need to be fixed in the open. Of course I'm not saying it wasn't my fault, I'm sure I can come off arrogant or w/e, but honestly it really doesn't matter. If the game really is that important to you, and you respect your teammates, you should always put out everything in the open and discuss it together, no bullshit.


I told s4 that he gives me the most helpful and thought out suggestions. That he studies drafts and watches replays/streams seriously and has a very high understanding of the game. And I would really like it if he stops being a coward and takes up the captaining role. He accepted my proposal and now hes the drafter.

With our new approach to the game and s4's drafting, we did end up defeating Empire. Of course we lost to fnatic and mouz shortly after but I was still really happy with the outcome. I wasn't happy about our results, but how our communication and directing has changed for what I think is the better.

S4 now takes up a lot of space in the game, I no longer have to make as many decisions for the team, and because of that I was able to play well. I was finally able to focus, didn't have to direct the team as much, didn't have to worry about what the team thought of my decisions, and drafts.


But about 30 minutes after losing to Mouz, Loda messaged me on skype and I knew what was coming. I asked that if what he was to type to me was important, I rather talk on skype than have him type it.


In the end, he concluded that the main reason as to why I was dropped was because its better in the long run to have a full swedish-line up. I didn't believe it, I called bullshit. There's no way I can accept that, there's obviously a combination of reasons. I argued that I'm more dedicated than any other player, and that had everything been discussed in the open that I would have definitely changed for the better, for whatever we end up concluding as a team. But we never have these discussions. Everything's kept locked up till the crucial time. Our team is going through a phase right now, that I really think with s4 doing drafts, we will get much better as a team, and everything will work out.


A lot of people are putting a lot of blame on Loda, but even though he initiated this change, in the end it was a team decision. He has the balls to come out as the bad guy and tell me even though we had our differences and I give my props to that. Thank you Akke for putting in a good word for me, and still helping me out even though we are no longer teammates.

To my fans and friends, I'm handling the situation much better than I would have expected. I'm really not that bitter, or sad. I had a good run with nth, and I learnt a lot from the team and experience. My future for DotA isn't very clear right now but I haven't given hope yet and I'm not going to take a break either. I'll try my best to get better and perhaps join a new team.

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