Shuffle waves and DPC changes: The Sunday Digest

posted by joinDOTA Staff,
OG and Evil Geniuses'roster moves continued to dominate headlines this week alongside Valve's long-awaited changes to the DPC. It's time to take a look back at the biggest stories of the week in our Sunday Digest.

DPC reborn?


04.06.2018: OG is reborn: Ana is recalled and N0tail back to support
04.06.2018: Fly and Cr1t defend 2 v 5 in epic win for EG
04.06.2018: Matchmaking tests the bond between paiN's Tavo and Duster
04.06.2018: No direct invites and 50% less DPC events next season says Valve
05.06.2018: Valve to abolish roster locks. DPC Points no longer transferrable
05.06.2018: Loda calls time on a remarkable pro gaming career
05.06.2018: Who can win the last Major? - Survival Guide for the week
06.06.2018: Moonduck and BTS join forces for TI8 Hub this year
06.06.2018: MiSeRy forms new team with Saksa's help
06.06.2018: Bid farewell to your MMR, recalibration is coming today!
06.06.2018: Evil Geniuses' Supermajor hopes cut short
06.06.2018: TI8 Open Qualifiers are almost here
07.06.2018: Roster Madness Roundup: TI8 Qualifier Edition
07.06.2018: Supermajor down to the final six
08.06.2018: Team Empire gears up for TI qualifier
08.06.2018: Match Making Madness
08.06.2018: VP and OpTic in high-stakes rematch
09.06.2018: Like your new Medals? Too bad, Valve is wiping them
09.06.2018: OpTic TI qualifier bound after loss to
09.06.2018: Fear and Kyle team up for TI8 open qualifiers
09.06.2018: Liquid are the first Supermajor Grand Finalists
10.06.2018: Liquid's Major curse is broken! They are Supermajor Champions
10.06.2018: UPDATED: Calling all Oracles! Make predictions, earn Steam Gift Cards
10.06.2018: The DPC is complete! Here are the final point standings
10.06.2018: Shuffle waves and DPC changes: The Sunday Digest
10.06.2018: TI8 Qualifier slots and teams announced. Three slots to NA!
10.06.2018: When RTZ met the Assassin: Matchmaking with Evil Geniuses