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The dust has settled on the China Dota 2 Supermajor and the final DPC points have been awarded. We've known who made it into the top 8 for a couple days now, but here's how final ranking looks.

It comes as no surprise to see take the top spot. They competed in 12 DPC events, took top 4 in 10 and won five! In the two they didn't take top 4, they placed 5th-6th. No team has been as dominant all season long.

However, second place squad Team Liquid came pretty damn close. They competed in 13 DPC events, took top 4 in 11 and won four. However, only the final win of those four was at a Major. Still, their Supermajor win gave them a massive point boost into 2nd, closing the gap between them and

PSG.LGD and Team Secret were in 2nd and 4th place respectively coming into the final event of the season. They placed 3rd and 4th at the event, resulting in a DPC ranking that mirrors the Supermajor.

The bottom four spots on the ranking were untouched by this final event. A few teams stood a chance of breaking into the top 8 with a top 4 Supermajor finish, but Secret, LGD, and Liquid didn't let that happen.

As a result, VGJ.Thunder have secured their invite to TI, which means that Leong 'ddc' Fatmeng remains one of the few players to play in all eight TIs. The only other two are Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov and Kuro S. 'KuroKy' Takhasomi.

Top Contributors
1. 12,375 No[o]ne4,125 9pasha4,125 RAMZEs4,125 2. Team Liquid 9,461.25 KuroKy3,153.75 Matumbaman3,153.75 MinD_ContRoL3,153.75 3. PSG.LGD 7,335 Somnus2,445 Ame2,445 Fy2,445 4. Team Secret 5,137.5 Puppey1,712.5 MidOne1,712.5 YapzOr1,712.5 5. Mineski 3,150 ninjaboogie1,050 Mushi1,050 Moon1,050 6. Vici Gaming 2,835 Ori945 Eleven945 Fenrir945 7. Newbee 2,445 Kaka815 kpii815 Sccc815 8. VGJ.Thunder 1,935 ddc630 Sylar630 Fade630 [/table_responsive]

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