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The new MMR/Medal calibration matches have led to very mixed results, and Valve has issued a statement admitting that the matchmaker may not have given balanced results. Since the start of the new season players have been upset and delighted by their new MMR ranks after their 10 calibration games. While some players were surprised at how high they placed after calibration, others were shocked at how low their rank was. The frontpage of /r/dota2 has been full of calibration stories, and now Valve have explained that they will be reprocessing all the matches to issue more accurate medals.

"In the first 30 hours since recalibration, the matchmaker was overly sensitive on wins and losses and it resulted in players calibrating with bigger gains and losses than intended.

We are processing all matches again and will be correcting the rank gains and losses throughout the day. Medals will be appear as undefined for a bit during this process." - Valve

If you found yourself with a shiny new MMR you were quite proud of, don't be surprised that it's now gone.

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