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The China Dota 2 Supermajor playoffs are taking a single day break before the main stage portion on Saturday, and we're just one match away from finding out which team takes the final direct invite to The International 2018. The final slot is down to either VGJ.Thunder, who currently hold 1935 points, or OpTic Gaming, whose current 1800 points put them in 9th. On Saturday, OpTic will face in a lower bracket elimination match. If OpTic can overcome the team that crushed them 3-0 in the ESL One Birmingham 2018 Grand Final, they make it into the Supermajor top 4

A top 4 spot would give OpTic enough points to surpass VGJ.T, putting them in the top 8 and earning a direct invite to TI8. However, if they can't get past, they'll be eliminated without earning any more points. Even though VGJ.T were eliminated earlier in the event, they'd keep their spot in 8th and the direct invite will be theirs.

This may sound like VGJ.T's spot at TI8 is in the bag, but we can't count out NA Dota just yet. The squad have proven in multiple events now that they shouldn't be underestimated. In today's match against TNC Predator, they even pulled out a surprise Huskar pick to utterly destroy their opponents.

Two more eliminations end Day 4

The loss to OpTic eliminated TNC from the event, stopping their hopes of a TI invite in their tracks. That wasn't the only elimination game today though - Vici Gaming also faced Newbee in a lower bracket brawl. Newbee drafted Storm Spirit for Song 'Sccc' Chun but were destroyed by Zeng 'Ori' Jiaoyang's Bloodseeker. In Game, 2 Newbee flipped the script and drafted Bloodseeker for Sccc, only to be destroyed by Ori's Storm Spirit.

Of course, Zhang 'Eurus' Chengjun's Game 1 Monkey King and Game 2 Phantom Lancer also played a huge part in the 2-0 victory. The crushing loss eliminated Newbee from the Supermajor. Both teams have already secured their TI8 direct invites thanks to placements at 6th and 7th on the DPC ranking.

Upper bracket final set

The day's matches also included two upper bracket showdowns. Fittingly, the four teams that made it this far were the same four teams that sit in the Top 4 of the DPC ranking. Team Liquid took out Team Secret in a 2-0, secured in the second game with some flashy plays from Amer 'Miracle-' Al-Barkawi's Tinker.

The second upper bracket match was between PSG.LGD and The rampaging CIS squad were finally given their first series loss in quite some time by a very confident-looking LGD. Shockingly, VP opted not to ban Io in their first game and LGD snatched it up instantly. After 30 minutes of back-and-forth fighting, LGD surged into the lead and never looked back, finishing the game at the 53-minute mark with an almost 38k net worth lead.

In Game 2, VP let Io through again. LGD grabbed it but this game was much scrappier. VP held a slight lead for most of the game, but a devastating team fight around the 46-minute mark forced them to call GG. Another interesting point about the bans this game was a Techies ban by VP in the second phase - a hero LGD have never picked in an official match.

With the win, LGD advanced to the upper bracket final, where they'll face Team Liquid for the first Grand Final spot. That match will go down as the final match of the day on Saturday, meaning Western fans will have a better chance at catching the match, which is sure to be a banger.

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