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Valve have been constantly tweaking the roster lock for the last 3 years but they have finally found a solution. To remove it all together.

No more roster locks

In order to allow players the flexibility to "find the right blend of personality and playstyle needed to claim the Aegis of Champions", Valve will no longer regulate the movement of players between teams through roster locks for the 2018-2019 DPC season.

This season 10 teams found themselves disqualified from DPC consideration for changing their roster after the roster lock, these included OG, Evil Geniuses and Na'Vi. In the new system however, teams who change roster during the season will no longer see their DPC Points disqualified. Although there are other bigger changes set to come into play.

Teams NOT players will earn DPC Points

For the 2018-2019 season, DPC Points will be associated with TEAMS and not individual players. Teams must announce their five-man rosters by September 15th, but can change that roster at any point during the season. Removing a player from a team's roster will reduce a team's point total by 20%, while adding a new player will no longer earn any additional benefits. This season the addition of Ilya 'Lil' Ilyuk to Na'Vi, allowed the CIS organisation to leapfrog up the DPC Rankings, a scenario that will no longer be possible next season.

Valve went into more detail:

If a team plays in a Pro Circuit event without their official five-man roster, the points earned for that event will be reduced by 40%. A team’s admin can remove any player from a registered roster, and any player can choose to depart. When playing in a Minor or Major qualifier, teams must always use at least 4 of their 5 registered players. Once the TI Invites and Qualifiers start, teams can no longer change their roster until the conclusion of the TI Main Event. Substitutes can be declared after TI Qualifiers to account for emergencies, subject to approval from Valve.

Multiple Team Ownership crackdown at TI

In the CS:GO scene recently, Valve introduced a new rule to tackle potential conflict of interests in matches, a rule they will now also adopt in Dota 2. Moving forward next season, "in cases where one organization or person has ownership in multiple teams, only one of those teams will be eligible to compete in The International, regardless of DPC qualifying points".

Valve also stated that all teams can participate in Minors and Majors, but any ownership conflicts need to be resolved prior to the TI9 Regional Qualifiers next year. Teams that this affects are Na'Vi and Virtus Pro that are both owned by ESForce, and VGJ.Thunder and VGJ.Storm which are endorsed by NBA star Jeremy Lin. There are also examples currently in the scene where players have shares in a team they were previously a part of.

You can read about the changes to the Majors and Minors in the following article:

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