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Evil Geniuses are not done in the Super Major, but instead were involved in possibly the best match of the entire tournament so far.

The lower-bracket decider match went the full three games, and it was a thrilling series to watch for Dota fans. Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen made a name for himself as position 4 during his time in OG, and in this series he was back to his best, especially in game 3 on Elder Titan, a tricky hero to excel on.  

Post-match Cr1t was given the MVP for his 9-4-0 performance, with analyst Nahaz commenting that without his plays, EG would have been "done-zo".

A massive highlight of the game, and the series for many fans, was the 2 v 5 base defence by Fly and Cr1t in that final game. All three of Evil Geniuses' cores had been taken out at 42 minutes, and a full 5-man Team Spirit were in EG's base. With their throne exposed, EG were against the ropes, but Fly and Cr1t stood their ground.

Team Spirit made the decision to engage the two support left alive, and although Cr1t would die, his instant buyback allowed him to return to Fly's side to fend off the attack. It's a great clip to watch, especially for Cr1t's one-punch on a buffed Elder Titan to take out Illidan's Luna:

Evil Geniuses held off Team Spirit for the next 15 minutes, making sure to kill Spirit's Luna illusions to avoid them sneakily getting mega creeps. The monumental fight would come at 57 minutes, when S4 managed to Lasoo an Aegis carrying Illidan Luna right into the heart of Evil Geniuses' base.

Team Spirit's carry would die twice, and an attempt to flee was punished heavily. From there Evil Geniuses went straight for Team Spirit's throne, whose cores were without buybacks to help survive the onslaught.

Post-game analyst Black highlighted that Spirit's decision to not go all in to get megas cost them heavily, but all the panel were in agreement that Cr1t had played a critical role in the decisive game.

After the 2-1 victory in the lower-bracket decider match, Evil Geniuses were all smiles. For Team Spirit however, the DPC is now over and they look ahead to the TI8 Regional Qualifiers.

Evil Geniuses however, move on to face... Optic Gaming. Yep, that's right, Optic captain Peter 'ppd' Dager will have the opportunity to eliminated his former team in the lower-bracket.

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