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TI3 winner Jonathan 'Loda' Berg has announced his retirement from competitive play, and the beginning of a new career as a coach for the "new generation".

"In many ways I am Alliance. I did not dare to admit that, but now I do"

Loda was the last remaining piece of the TI3 winning Alliance roster, and although he took a short break ahead of TI7 last year, he still returned with plans to continue his playing career with a new generation of players handpicked by him. However today, Loda announced the end of his career as a professional gamer. The 30-year old had a truly remarkable career in his prime, but said in his retirement post that he felt the time was right.

"About a month ago I knew we were not progressing in the speed we were aiming for and that the team needed a change. I questioned everyone’s commitment and our dedication to make every effort to improve as a player and as a team. I asked myself the same question and I felt I was not quick enough to say yes," said Loda.

"It is ironic how last year I still wanted to play, but had to take a break to be reminded why I even did esports to begin with. This year I know why. Now I know where I want to be. Where I belong. Truth be told I realised sometime last year that if I do not stay, the organisation might disappear. In many ways I am Alliance. I did not dare to admit that, but now I do."

"My journey as a competitive player is now at its end and I feel very content"

Loda was responsible for forming one of the most iconic rosters in Dota 2 history, No Tidehunter, who would go on to form the Alliance. Loda, S4, Admiralbulldog, Akke and EGM were winners of the International 3, which had one of the greatest Grand Finals in all TI history.

During his time as a player Loda competed in 1,320 games for Alliance, and the team was a formidable force between 2013 and 2014, where they not only won the International 3, but also Dreamhack Summer 2013, DreamLeague Season 1, WCA 2015 and D2CL Season 1.

With Loda now retiring from competitive play, S4 remains the only player from the TI3 winning Alliance roster still active.

One more time, for the feels...

"Alliance was always about the dream, the dream of achieving the impossible and the journey to get there. My journey as a competitive player is now at its end and I feel very content. In many ways, I feel like my time in Dota 2 was always on borrowed time, that my peak was in the original DotA, everything that came after was a bonus," said Loda.

"I always knew the Aegis would be mine one day, there was never a doubt in my mind, but I never planned much further than that. :) For a while now, I have been chasing that inner fire and hunger I felt then. It has returned sporadically but never to stay completely.

"No matter results I am happy and proud that we have created something new with this team. And with me leaving the squad, they do no longer have to stand in the shadow of Alliance’s past results, they are the new generation of players and will write their own story."

Loda has been part of Alliance for 5 years, and will now continue his work as one of the owners of Alliance, as well as become the coach for the Dota 2 squad. Alliance also welcomes a new addition to their roster, Max 'Qojqva' Broecker.

New Alliance Dota 2 roster

Michael 'm`ICKe' Vu
Max 'Qojqva' Broecker
Samuel 'Boxi' Svahn
Tommy 'Taiga' Le
Aydin 'INSaNIA' Sarkohi

Coach: Jonathan 'Loda' Berg

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