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The unexpected mini roster shuffle between OG and Evil Geniuses this week dominated headlines. It's time to take a look back at the biggest stories of the week in our Sunday Digest.



28.05.2018: EG lose Fear and kick MiseRy just 3 weeks before TI8 Regionals
28.05.2018: The last Major of the season awaits - Survival Guide for the week
28.05.2018: coL drops Chessie and announces the new lineup
28.05.2018: The third VP player wins his MVP Benz
28.05.2018: Fly and S4 leave OG... to join Evil Geniuses
29.05.2018: OG's replacement for the Supermajor is found!
29.05.2018: Do Blizzy and Zayac have the connection to be the perfect match?
29.05.2018: Ramzes 'After the Super Major we're going on vacation for 3 or 4 weeks'
29.05.2018: The Rise and Fall of OG - Fly and N0tail's path ends here
29.05.2018: The most iconic duo and his abrupt end - for now
30.05.2018: Supermajor comics bring nostalgic TI moments back
30.05.2018: Loda delivers EU drama: alleged player poach
30.05.2018: MISERY: 'It was just a really bad atmosphere when we lost games'
31.05.2018: Valve nerfs MMR tokens, announces reset
31.05.2018: What can we expect from the Supermajor?
31.05.2018: Supermajor groups drawn, it all comes down to this
31.05.2018: joinDOTA is searching for more editors
31.05.2018: A few more jDL tips to start the season
01.06.2018: TI8 Short Film Contest open for submissions!
01.06.2018: Should EG still be playing in NA?
01.06.2018: Collector's Cache is here - prize pool salvaged
01.06.2018: DeMoN retires from Dota 2
02.06.2018: Supermajor Power Rankings #8 to #1
02.06.2018: Supermajor Power Rankings - The Final Stand
02.06.2018: joinDOTA Time Walk — when ChuaN and Co. destroyed Team DK in a bo7
02.06.2018: and Team Liquid charge through to upper bracket
02.06.2018: Newbee and TNC prevail in group stage lower bracket
03.06.2018: Secret and LGD join the ranks of Supermajor group dominators
03.06.2018: Supermajor playoffs set! OpTic and Mineski are upper bracket bound
03.06.2018: EG shuffles makes waves: The Sunday Digest

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