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China Dota 2 Supermajor is close by and it's the last Major of the DPC to prepare us for The International 2018. With some amazing comics, they review the past TI events.

The International 2011

The inaugural edition of The International with a mere 1.6 million USD prize pool. Natus Vincere became the first-ever TI Champions.

The International 2012

"Patience from Zhou" - this is all we need to know. It's game two of the Grand Finals between Na'Vi and iG. Chen 'Zhou' Yao's Naga Siren hits the Song of the Siren perfectly, but Na'Vi turns that fight beautifully.

The International 2013

Long before the $5 Million Echo Slam, there was the Million Dollar Dream Coil. Gustav 's4' Magnusson on Puck was in perfect shape and cancelled Dendi’s TP to finally win the series with a 3:2.

The International 2014

TI4 displayed the dominance of Chinese Dota 2. The Grand Finals were between Newbee and Vici Gaming only Evil Geniuses were the one Western team in the top four.

The International 2015

"Here comes the Ice Blast..." and the sentences afterwards will be never forgotten. It was a disaster for CDEC Gaming.

The International 2016

Fresh Chinese players, a huge hero pool and a dominant victory - this is what people remember when they think about Wings Gaming winning the trophy in 2016. No team was able to stop them.

The International 2017

The last TI was reminiscent of 2014 - China dominated the playoffs. Once again, only one team in the top four was not from China: Team Liquid. The European squad was able to win against every single Chinese team left and even clean sweeped Newbee in the Grand Finals.

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