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Welcome to the joinDOTA League Season 13 Premier Division! Ten teams per region - Europe, Asia and America - are ready to kick off the action starting Monday, right after ESL One Birmingham. Without further ado, it's time to introduce you to our teams.

All regions have their fair share of old and new faces. Europe should be particularly interesting as we've had very few chances to see Alliance play since they formed their current roster in November 2017. We'll also get a chance to see TNC's new secondary team in action for the first time as they'll be playing in Asia's Group A.

As promised, we'll be broadcasting all Premier Division matches on and matches will start very soon - this coming Monday! Keep an eye on our weekly survival guides for upcoming scheduled matches.

Like last season, the joinDOTA League Premier Division features a $12,000 prize pool, which will be distributed evenly across the three regions. Each region's prize pool will be broken down as such:

1st $2000
2nd $1250
3rd $750

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