How to 1v1 a TI winner

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It is said that Gustav 's4' Magnusson only talks to TI winners... and maybe 1v1 opponents? A special challenge at ESL One Birmingham 2018 gives attendees a chance to face up against the (former) midlaner himself in a 1v1 challenge with prizes and glory on the line.

In order to participate, you can't just walk up to the booth and queue up. You'll have to take a selfie at the Alienware booth at ESL One Birmingham glorious enough to get the attention of the powers that be.

Maybe take some inspiration from s4's Instagram account?

If your selfie is selected, you'll be contacted with details of the challenge and ushered backstage to face s4. Your efforts will be broadcast live for all to see - UK Dota legend Ted "PyrionFlax" Forsyth will be casting the 1v1 matches live on ESL's Facebook stream.

You might think that getting a chance to play against a TI winner is enough of a prize, but every participant will receive hardware from Alienware. The player who scores the most points against s4 will even go home with a new 240Hz monitor.

Points may be scored by killing s4 (40 points) or taking a tower (20 points) but the more likely scenario is that the winner will be decided based on points for last hits and denies - worth one point each.

Strategy against s4

The point system means that if you don't have the confidence to play aggressively against s4, you still stand a chance at playing defensively and taking CS. However, getting a kill could make you a shoe-in for that monitor, so busting out your finest Dream Carl could be the play.

If you're the type that likes to get into your opponent's head, why not take a look at s4's current mindset? We interviewed the OG offlaner at EPICENTER XL a couple of weeks ago, and you can read that conversation right here.

Good luck, see you in Birmingham!

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