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They may be the defending champions of The International, but Team Liquid's direct invite to TI8 was only confirmed today after an upper bracket victory at EPICENTER XL secured them a few more DPC points.

Liquid have had an amazing year after earning the Aegis of Champions at TI7. They've done something almost no other TI champion has ever done - stay on top for an entire season after their win. They had a streak of Top four finishes at LAN events that started in May 2017 and lasted until very recently. If any team stands a chance at a repeat TI championship, it's certainly Liquid.

Now, they've guaranteed that they won't need to play qualifiers to defend their title. Before EPICENTER, Liquid were sitting in 2nd place on the DPC ranking with 4736.25 points. The only team ahead of them,, guaranteed themselves an invite way back in March after passing the 6297 point mark. They currently sit at 7875 points.

Team Liquid have added at least 300 points to their total, which was enough to push them over the new point threshold needed to guarantee an invite. The next closest team is Team Secret, but they were knocked out of the event this morning in a loss to Mineski. That said, Mineski and PSG.LGDare both also quite close to qualifying and could still do so at this event.

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