Mineski eliminate Team Secret

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Surprisingly, the second team to be knocked out of the event is Team Secret. Of course, even when two DPC leading teams meet in a lower bracket match, there can only be one winner.

Both teams drafted not-so-secret weapons for playmaking members. Team Secret opted for MidOne's Ember Spirit while Mineski took Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang's Pangolier.

After Ember was picked third, Mineski quickly grabbed Nyx Assassin. This added even more control to a lineup which already contained a Lion. Secret finished their draft with another very strong late-game hero in Troll Warlord, hoping to outlast Mineski's mid-game strength.

The early game through mid game was a story of Miesnki pulling ahead but Secret constantly grabbing every advantage they could. One of the biggest moments to push Mineski's lead ahead was when Secret smoked into Roshan but were spotted by an observer ward. Mineski knew exactly what was going on and rushed in to stop them just in time.

Mineski held a very strong lead as the game progressed, but Secret never felt too far behind. With an Ember and a Troll on their team, the threat of a late-game comeback was very real. However, Mineski knew exactly what they needed to do to hold their ground against Secret's lineup. Their first opening to take high ground came after Secret tried to kill Mushi's Gyrocopter but gave their lives instead.

Mineski secured the win not long after, knocking Secret out of the event. They'll need to fight through another round of single-game series to make top four, but Mineski are looking unrelenting in their quest for another DPC title.

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