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It's a great day to be a South American Dota 2 fan! paiN Gaming* have made it past EPICENTER XL groups to secure a spot in the playoffs.

In the first game of the series, Natus Vincere were the ones with the early lead but a fight around an early Rosh attempt by Na`Vi nudged the game in paiN's favour. With a slight advantage, William 'hFnk3' Medeiros's Luna farmed up to allow his team to push Na`Vi to death. The early lead slowed down their momentum somewhat, but paiN still took the win in just over 32 minutes.

Na`Vi changed up their draft for the second game, but paiN kept what worked. They added Vengeful Spirit for even more physical damage output and wiped Na`Vi off the map in a 23-minute stomp. With this loss, Na`Vi are the final team eliminated from EPICENTER XL groups.

paiN have done quite well for themselves overall in this group stage. They took a similar 2-0 win against Newbee earlier in the week and won one of the three games in their series against Not bad at all for a team learning to play with a new member whose DPC history so far has featured loss after loss.

The playoff bracket hasn't been confirmed by EPICENTER yet since there's still a few games left to play, but Ukrainian caster v1lat has tweeted that paiN should face Winstrike. This would make sense since paiN finished fourth in their group and FTM finished 3rd.

Header photo source: EPICENTER

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