posted by Malystryx.GDS,
Welcome to our brand new joinDOTA website!

Welcome to joinDOTA website 3.0

The joinDOTA website was in need of a facelift to match the times and we're delighted to say it is finally here! Just in time for EPICENTER which starts next week I might add. As you'll notice our frontpage looks more modern than before and we've made several improvements!

We now have landing pages for Events, Leagues and Rankings to make it much easier for you find what you need.

You can now also - finally - reply to comments directly and being upvoted by other users will result in your comment climbing to the top! You can also sort comments by likes, newest, oldest and relevance, which is the feature I'm personally most excited about. We also hope these changes will help the joinDOTA Forums to enjoy a new lease of life.

What is more we have made the joinDOTA League pages bigger and better for when it starts up again. (which is very soon by the way)

For those who've participated in our joinDOTA betting don't panic it hasn't disappeared. INSTEAD it has been renamed to jD Oracle and has a very shiny new page which includes upcoming matches to entice you. You can find it under the events tab.

As usual with any new website you may encounter bugs or glitches and in order for us to address them we'd encourage you to visit our lovely forum thread and leave a message.

We hope you enjoy the improvements we've made to the website and we're looking forward to bringing you more content in the months to come!