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RTZ and Bulba, two EG players step in to save the North American pride, but in the end they couldn't stop the Peruvians.

What a surprise! Two North American allstars wanted to help us Wolf win the joinDOTA League Season 12 America yesterday. In the Grand Final CES faced pe Mad Kings in a battle between North and South America.

RTZ can't prevent the loss

With the pride of NA on the line, CES invited two members of us Evil Geniuses to the Grand Final, which should have resulted in an easy win for the NA team. Hard carry ca Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev and his coach us Sam 'Bulba' Sosale joined the team as standins.

The Peruvians of Mad Kings showed no signs of nervousness, however, and played with the same strength they had in the group stage and the playoffs previously. They took the win against RTZ and co. by a 3:0 scoreline, meaning not a single game was dropped during the entire season. What a run - pe Benjamin 'Benjaz' Lanao Barrios and his teammates were simply unstoppable!

Execration win after a strong comeback

While the America season ended in the most dominant way possible, Asia was much closer. In the Grand Final ph Execration took on id EVOS Esports after both teams had topped their groups. EVOS had performed poorly in the semifinals in losing 2:0 to id Rex Regum Qeon, but they got their revenge in the Losers' Final. This time the Indonesians won 2:0 to set up a Grand Final clash with Execration.

In the Final they built up an early 2:1 lead - one more win and EVOS would have been crowned champions of Asia. Execration had other ideas, and put in a strong performance in Game Four to even the scores. Although EVOS lost this game, they stuck with the Tusk/Viper combination and again it didn't work out, Execration taking the series 3:2.

With that, they can call themselves champions of Asia. It also means that we now have all three of our champions and the joinDOTA League Season 12 has concluded.

Photo credit: DreamHack - Jennika Ojala

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