Pajkatt and 33 phenomenal in Optic's Starladder Minor victory

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world OpTic Gaming went from strength to strength in the Starladder Invitational Season 5 Minor, and finished in 1st place following their 2nd consecutive win over VGJ.Thunder. RAISE IT HIGH BOYS! #GREENWALL— OpTic Gaming™ (@OpTicGaming) 15 April 2018

It's been slow and steady for Optic Gaming over the course of the Pro Circuit but they've finally had their breakthrough at the Starladder Invitational Season 5 in Kiev, Ukraine. It may not have been a star-studded tournament, in fact there was only one top 8 DPC ranked team in attendance, but they would be Optic's opponents in the WB Final of Group A and the Grand Finals. Optic beat them twice.

The 2-0 in the groupstage was clean but in the Grand Finals when Optic fell behind 0-1, they responded in style by taking the series 3-1. The Starladder S5 Minor was the first time Optic placed high enough to earn DPC Points, and them taking 1st place nets them 450 points, enough to earn them 13th place just behind TNC.

Clever use of Dark Seer to "borrow" Optic auras
In Game 1 Optic failed to stop cn Liu 'Sylar' Jiajun's Terrorblade from farming but the unsung hero was cn Zhou 'Yang' Haiyang's Dark Seer.

The Dark Seer pick not only allowed for more effective Nightstalker ganks with the use of Ion shell but the hero was also able to boost his team by creating illusions of Optic's heroes that had aura items or abilities, including Underlord's Atrophy Aura, which was mentioned post-game 1 by analyst tsunami.

Tusk, WD and Visage tri-lane? Sure why not
Game 2 was il Neta '33' Shapira's, who along with Pajkatt was named the MVP of the entire tournament. In Game 2, Optic's unorthodox tri-lane mid worked out beautifully well.

Optic decided to put their carry in the offlane and their mid player CCNC on a bot lane Razor in order to run a Visage, Witch Doctor and Tusk mid-lane. The trio were up against Death Prophet and Earthshaker but came out ahead after slaying the VGJ.Thunder duo seven times in the first 15 minutes. It was quite a messy game but 33's Visage pulled through, setting up crucial kills with Familiars and unleashing raw damage on the poor VGJ.Thunder line-up.

For game 3, 33's Broodmother was a constant nuisance for VGJ.Thunder, and although they did deal with reasonably well, it meant Pajkatt was free to farm up a 12 minute Battle Fury on Troll Warlord. Winter complimented 33's Broodmother post-game, mentioning how 33 used different control groups for his spiders and itemised well with Pipe and Helm of the Dominator. Another standout performance for 33 in the Grand Finals.

In the final game of the Grand Finals the Chinese team looked uninspiring and seemed to have "run out of steam" according to Winter. It was very similar to game 2 where Optic suffered a lot of deaths in the early and mid game, but this time it was Pajkatt as the star of the show.

VGJ.Thunder first-picked Tiny and last picked Sniper, but the final pick of the entire draft was Optic's, and they chose Phantom Lancer. Pajkatt was left to his own devices and just like in game 3, VGJ.Thunder would be punished for it. With CCNC using Static Link on cn Liu 'Freeze' Chang's Tiny and Pajkatt draining his mana with Diffusal Blade, VGJ.Thunder's hero became a non-factor. Things took a turn for the worse especially when Freeze did a die-back at 21 minutes (clip below).

Optic Gaming went on to close Game 4 after 30 minutes and they thoroughly deserved their 3-1 victory in the Grand Finals, with several well-known players tweeting out following Optic's first DPC title.

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