Success: Optic AND Vega secure DPC Points for the very first time

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Both teams have been on the grind in their Regionals but finally break through into the top 4 of a DPC event.

8th place VGJ.Thunder the highest ranked team from the DPC
The Starladder imbaTV Invitational Season 5 has been a brilliant platform to see lower profile teams thrive. The Minor features 8 teams but only 1 of them, cn VGJ.Thunder, currently sits in the top 8 of the DPC Rankings. Although initially cn PSG.LGD were initially set to participate but dropped out. Going into the Sl Inv S5 Minor, half of the 8 teams had no DPC Points to their names at all, that has now changed.

ru Vega Squadron * and world OpTic Gaming both finished 1st in their groups to qualify for the semi-final playoffs, securing themselves at least top 4. Optic took down the highest ranked team in the tournament VGJ.Thunder 2-0 in the Grand Finals of Group A, while ru Vega Squadron * secured a thumping 2-0 victory over Int Fnatic.

Post-victory against Fnatic kg Bakyt 'w_Zayac' Emilzhanov was asked about the drafts. Zayac said the team were confident with their Jakiro pick for ru Dmitriy 'UnderShock' Bolshakov in the mid lane in game 2, and added that the hero is a solid flex-pick for position 5 support or position 2 mid. As to why the team picked Shadow Demon in game 1, Zayec said the hero's ultimate Demonic Purge is strong against Death Prophet, making her unable to use her ultimate effectively.

After 20 Regional Qualifiers, Vega finally make it into top 4 of a DPC event
The DPC has been difficult to Vega Squadron, and despite competing in 20 Regional Qualifiers since September, they only qualified for five events, two of which have yet to happen. At the Perfect World Minor and the Bucharest Major, Vega Squadron were the first team to be eliminated, making their results at the SL inv Season5 so far by far their best.

Success at SL Inv Season 5 is also great news for Vega Squadron as they also qualified for the upcoming MDL Changhsa Major and the GESC: Thailand Minor, meaning they have the potential to end the season on a high, heading into what looks like the almost inevitable TI8 CIS Regional Qualifiers.

Optic build on top 8 at Bucharest Major, now top 4 at SL Inv S5
Optic on the other hand have been more successful on the DPC Pro Circuit, but top 4 at this Minor is still their strongest result so far. Optic competed in 15 different Regional Qualifiers and won 3 of them, although the NA region is currently far more competitive than the CIS region. As a reminder Optic did not make their DPC debut until the Dota Summit 8 in December, but they placed top 8 at the Bucharest Major and top 12 at the ESL One Katowice Major.

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