Call the banners, gather the squad, joinDOTA League Season 13 is coming!

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DATES UPDATED AS OF 06.04.2018 As the playoffs wrap up for joinDOTA League Season 12, the next one is already on the horizon. It's time for an overview of the important dates so that you can prepare your squad for another season of competition!

Important Dates

12.05-13.05 2018
Sign-ups Start
Pre-season Sign up ends
Pre-season Playoffs
Sign ups End
Regular Season Starts

As always, the Pre-season playoffs will take place at the end of the sign up phase to give teams an opportunity to play in a higher division. Any teams that have not played in a past season of jDL and do not play the Pre-season playoffs will be seeded into the Starter Division for the season. If you want to play Pre-season playoffs with your team, make sure you sign up before May 5th!

To allow teams more time to organize and plan for their first playday once groups have been released, we've added extra time between the Pre-season playoffs and the first playday. We've also expanded the length of the playoffs this season by one week to avoid the cramped schedule we've seen in Season 12.

Mark your calendars! We're looking forward to yet another great season of the joinDOTA League and we hope to see you there.

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