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Team Secret have successfully defended their Dreamleague title after a crushing 3-0 victory over Fnatic in the Grand Finals of Season 9.

Fnatic pose little threat to explosive Team Secret
For the third Pro Circuit event in a row the Grand Finals has proved to be very one-sided, and perhaps none more so than today's Dreamleague Season 9 finale. Team Secret were incredible in the groupstages and the playoffs, making it clear it would take a truly monumental performance to be able to even take a game off them. Sadly Fnatic were not up to scratch in today's bo5 Grand Finals and caster Fogged described their performance as "flawless".

Blitz: "If you're tanky and elusive but can't deal damage, you're a useless hero"
Credit to Int Fnatic, they were very impressive in the Dreamleague Minor but were out of their depths in the Grand Finals, suffering two heavy defeats in games 1 and 3. In the first game Fnatic's laning phase went okay but their draft left them unable to take a fight.

The choice of Weaver proved ineffective, with analyst Blitz comparing the hero to an ant in game 1. "If you're tanky and elusive but can't deal damage, you're a useless hero," said Blitz post-game. Fnatic had plenty of single target cores but no way to catch Secret nor truly dish out damage in team fights. Aside from taking the first Roshan they were at Secret's mercy, with the European side all on the same page, operating like a "hive mind" according to Pyrion Flax.

Game 3 was the most powerful display by Secret in the Grand Finals and Fnatic were left reeling after Secret took an early lead and powered through. Game 2 was the closest of the 3, with the SEA team successfully shutting down my Yeik Nai 'MidOne' Zheng's Phantom Lancer, but with Ace left to his own devices as Bristleback, he quickly became an unstoppable force, especially with jo Yazied 'YapzOr' Jaradat's Io by his side.

It was not as swift a Grand Finals as we saw in Jakarta or Bucharest, but it was the Team Secret show. Team Secret secured the 3-0 win to win the DreamLeague Minor, having won the DreamLeague Major at the end of 2017. Overall it was a slightly bizarre Minor especially with both Liquid and OG competing with their coaches. The next event on the Pro Circuit will be the DAC2018 Major in China.

Final Standings

1. eu Team Secret (150 DPC Points)
2. Int Fnatic (90 DPC Points)
3. eu Team Liquid (30 DPC Points)
4. cn Newbee (15 DPC Points)

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