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Int Fnatic have proved their result in Katowice was no fluke by qualifying for the Grand Finals of the DreamLeague Season 9 Minor.

Huge result for Fnatic at DreamLeague
Despite a top 4 finish at the ESL One Katowice Major, Fnatic's new roster with Universe still remained somewhat unproven in the public eye given the single elimination format of the tournament. Fnatic placed top 6 at GESC Jakarta last week, but this week the new Fnatic went further than they've ever gone before on the Pro Circuit by reaching the Grand Finals of the Dreamleague Minor.

Today Fnatic not only overcame Team Liquid in the lower-bracket finals but also managed a 2-1 victory against cn Newbee. The Chinese team finished top 4 at the Bucharest Major a fortnight ago and Liquid, even without Miracle, are still an impressive team to win against.

Incredibly clean team fight for @fnatic as they dominate @newbeecn after they kill Rosh— DreamHack Dota (@DreamHackDota) 24 March 2018

What a final fight for @fnatic!!They win and advance to face up against @teamliquid next!— DreamHack Dota (@DreamHackDota) 24 March 2018

Formidable game 2 performance by Fnatic and EE on Lycan
Game 2 versus Team Liquid was a dominant showing for Fnatic, especially for their captain ca Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao. Team Liquid went all in super early on in the game and Fnatic ended up giving up on their offlane entirely to focus on their mid and safelane.

EternalEnvy farmed like crazy as Lycan, and him and his team-mates fended off Liquid's three-pronged attack beautifully. Liquid had a lot of firepower to end the game early with Nature's Prophet, Pugna AND Venomancer but Fnatic held on.

Abed backdooring with Timbersaw played an important role in ensuring creep waves were pushed back, and although Liquid did take the 1st set of rax, Fnatic came out swinging with EternalEnvy securing a rampage. EternalEnvy ended with 17-1-15 and Fnatic with a 2-0 victory that ensured them a spot in their first Pro Circuit Grand Finals as a team.

So close to killing Envy, but yet so far! GGWP @fnatic, they've made it to the Grand Finals tomorrow!— DreamHack Dota (@DreamHackDota) 24 March 2018

Team Secret are on fire right now but Fnatic look the strongest candidate to give them a challenge in the final match of the DreamLeague Season 9 Minor. Fnatic finished runners-up at the Dota Summit 8 Minor but did so before the addition of Universe.

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