AntiHype aka Team Russia win WESG dressed in pyjama onesies

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ru AntiHype* were crowned champions of WESG earlier today earning themselves a whopping $800,000.

VP boys + ILTW take home $800,000 at WESG 2017/2018 Global Finals
In terms of prize money WESG's prizepools have been immense. Chinese organiser Alisports put forward $1.5 million for the Dota 2 tournament alone, a bigger prizepool than any of the Majors we've seen so far on the Pro Circuit. Last year's event was won by ph TNC Predator after a 2-1 win over world Team NP, while this year the Grand Finals was ru AntiHype* versus br paiN Gaming*.

If you've not followed WESG you may be unfamiliar with Antihype, but if you follow the Dota 2 scene you will be extremely familiar with the roster. Antihype consists of four of the current ru, with ua Vladimir 'No[o]ne' Minenko the only VP member not part of the team due to his nationality. WESG requires all players on a team to come from the same country, so ru Igor 'ILTW' Filatov was AntiHype's 5th for the tournament.

Pain Gaming, who competed at the Bucharest Major with ro Omar 'w33haa' Aliwi as a stand-in, also made history by earning themselves $300,000, the biggest prizepool ever won by a South American team. Elsewhere gr Team Greece*, consisting of 4 of the 5 former Ad Finem roster, placed 3rd for $150,000.

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