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It's been an amazing tournament run for cn VGJ.Thunder so far and it's not over yet. Now, the underdog Chinese squad have taken down ph TNC Predator in the quarterfinal round to secure themselves guaranteed Dota Pro Circuit points.

As the first match of the day on a Friday morning between two foreign teams, there was an impressive amount of hype from the gathered crowd as the two teams took the stage. After a short opening ceremony and panel, the first match of The Bucharest Major playoffs got underway. The series followed a classic theme we've seen many times before in Dota 2 - one team crushed Game 1, the other team compensated and evened things out in Game 2 then Game 3 was a stomp the other way around.

Game 1

The first game of the series was 100% the TNC show. They were able to draft plenty of comfort picks and strong lane supports to crush the early game and steamroll through the midgame. VGJ had opted for Zhou 'Yang' Haiyang's Legion Commander, but even though VGJ sacrificed Sylar's lane to try to give him a good start, things went poorly across the map for the Chinese squad. The game was, in no uncertain terms, a stomp. TNC ended things with a 27k net worth lead and 40 kills to VGJ.T's 9.

Game 2

The second game was the closest one of the series, but while TNC drafted a very similar lineup to Game 1, VGJ.T adjusted well. They took Shadow Fiend away from TNC in the first drafting phase and gave it to Liu 'Freeze' Chang, who added to the growing list of games he's been absolutely crushing his opponents in. TNC didn't roll over and die, but it was one of those games where the losing team kept up with a few traded kills here and there but fell further and further behind overall. VGJ.T capably forced a third deciding game.

Game 3

Once VGJ.Thunder got rolling with that Game 2 victory they could no longer be stopped. VGJ.T's draft allowed them to absolutely dominate their lanes and eventually the game. It was like a mirror image of Game 1, with Liu 'Sylar' Jiajun's Luna leading the charge. VGJ.T may already have held a 25k net worth lead by the 30-minute mark but he added insult to injury by purchasing a Divine Rapier to finish TNC off. The SEA squad were unable to stand against VGJ.T's push, losing two sets of barracks before admitting defeat.

This loss have eliminated TNC in 5th-8th place, winning $30,000 but zero DPC points. VGJ.Thunder are now guaranteed at least 450 DPC points and move on to face the winner of eu Team Secret versus cn Newbee.

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