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The eight teams are set! Two SEA squads fight for their next DPC points. GESC E-Series: Jakarta welcomes the Indonesian squad of Rex Regum Qeon to the Minor. The best teams are aiming for the top 8 in DPC.

It was not an easy road for id Rex Regum Qeon, but they made their dreams come true: With the home advantage on their side, they will compete in Jakarta in their first Minor from 15th to 18th of March.

Next to the Indonesians another SEA squad will fight to win the next points, especially because the season won't last that long anymore - every point can be important.

Fnatic vs EG - the clash

Int Fnatic, led by ca Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao, is right now in 10th place - more than 200 points behind us Evil Geniuses, who are also competing in Jakarta. With 150 points going to the winner, Fnatic can't surpass EG (regardless of how they perform in Bucharest), but at least get in close range.

Meanwhile ua Natus Vincere with the new addition ua Ilya 'Lil' Ilyuk will try to win their first tournament. Even though Na'Vi sit in 6th place in the DPC ranking right now, they don't have that much time to take a deep breath with teams like OG and Fnatic right behind them.

Jakarta could be a first direction for the upcoming weeks and months: Which teams will be fighting for the top 8 in the first season? While the top teams like eu Team Liquid most likely have their spot locked-in, it will be a tough fight for almost everybody else - especially the teams that try to stay in the top 8.

us Evil Geniuses dk Cr1t- us Fear pk SumaiL dk rASmus ca Arteezy Direct Invite ca Digital Chaos* us ritsu ca Bryle ca Moonmeander ca Aui_2000 us Kitrak NA Qualifier pe Infamous pe kotaro ar p4pita pe stingeR pe Scofield pe Accel SA Qualifier se The Final Tribe se Era se jonassomfan se Handsken se Frost se PABLO EU Qualifier ua Natus Vincere ua Dendi ua GeneRaL rs LeBronDota ua Lil ua Crystallize CIS Qualifier cn VGJ.Thunder cn Sylar cn Yang mo ddc cn Fade cn Freeze CN Qualifier Int Fnatic us Universe ph DJ se pieliedie ph Abed ca EternaLEnVy SEA Qualifier id Rex Regum Qeon id Yabyoo id Xepher id Acil id R7 id Rusman ID Qualifier

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Photo credit: ESL - Helena Kristiansson

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