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It's been another action-packed week for joinDOTA League Season 12. As our Division 1 teams battle away, clear leaders are starting to emerge in each region. What's more, Gareth has been on hand to cast plenty of the action.

One of the high points for us behind-the-scenes of joinDOTA League was finally having our ticket added to Dota TV! This means you'll now be able to watch Division 1 matches from inside the Dota 2 client. Thanks Valve!

Southeast Asian Div 1 took a bit of a break this week. The only game played was sg Electrify versus id Rex Regum Qeon. Before the match, RRQ were 3-1 at the top of their group but Electrify still hadn't won a single game. However, Electrify managed to pull out a win in their series, tying 1-1 and ensuring that no team in SEA Div 1 will go without a single win this season!

New Meta

joinDOTA League may very well be the place that brilliant new ideas about how to play Dota 2 are formed, but we're not so sure about this one from this week's se NIHL Players versus de KinderGarten match.

The game ended a bit too quickly for Viper to pick up that Sacred Relic, but the early Blink Dagger helped him to stay on top of NIHL's more elusive heroes.

The Final Base Race

se The Final Tribe remained one of three undefeated European teams this week but very nearly lost that status after this base race against ch mYinsanity.

Who will defeat the undefeated?

The other two undefeated European teams are fi 5 Anchors No Captain and eu Team Singularity*. While the Finnish 5ANC stack is doing well, Group 1.2's Suomi team is struggling. They faced Singularity this week but were torn to shreds by Lukas 'Adamsson' Adam's relentless Ursa.

Of course, you can look forward to plenty more jDL action next week. Keep an eye on our weekly Survival Guide posts on Mondays for matches to watch out for an give us a follow on Twitch at joinDOTARed so you don't miss a broadcast!

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