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The break is over! After the disbanding of world Team Faceless* seven month ago de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier finally is back in pro action.

Every single player of the original roster got replaced: world Clutch Gamers is no longer a Southeast Asian team but rather a mix of three European and two Jordanian players.

First, former Greek gr Ad Finem player gr Haris 'SkyLark' Zafiriou joined forces with jo Anas 'MagE-' Hirzalla and jo Mohammad Khalil Ibrahim 'AfrOmoush' Abu Aleis, both of Jordan.

They were joined by the young Russian talent ru Vladimir 'Yol' Basov, who replaced the last original member of Clutch Gamers ph Kenneth 'FlySolo' Coloma.

The last addition to the team is none other than Black^, making his first appearance on the Pro Circuit since Team Faceless disbanded in July 2017 following a spate of disappointing results and failure to qualify for The International 2017sg Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiangceiceice and th Anucha 'Jabz' Jirawong quickly found a new home in Mineski, the German hard carry took a break and evaluated his options.

This has been his second time taking a break from professional Dota 2 in the course of his long career. In the meanwhile he's been concentrating on streaming, and notably managed to defeat openAI love on stream.

Although Clutch Gamers was previously based in SEA, it's highly likely they will move to Europe now that most of their players are living there.

Current Lineup world Clutch Gamers
de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier
jo Anas 'MagE-' Hirzalla
gr Haris 'SkyLark' Zafiriou
jo Mohammad Khalil Ibrahim 'AfrOmoush' Abu Aleis
ru Vladimir 'Yol' Basov

Photo credit: ESL - Robert Paul

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