Mineski, LGD join StarLadder final four

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The top four teams at Starladder | i-League Invitational #4 have been decided after a grueling 14-hour day of group stage decider matches.

pe Infamous, pl Team Kinguin*, us compLexity Gaming and ru Team Empire were all eliminated today but cn PSG.LGD and my Mineski have lived to fight on in tomorrow's playoff matches.

LGD dealt out what was without a doubt the worst beat-down any team has experienced at this event in Game 1 of their series against compLexity. 20 minutes into the game, compLexity hadn't taken a single kill and were over 10k net worth behind LGD. By the time the game had ended ten minutes later, coL had taken just one kill. After that devastating game, the panel and casters were hard pressed to find any hope for coL.

Somehow (perhaps a rousing Kyle 'Kyle' Freedman speech?) compLexity managed to win Game 2 despite being behind in both net worth and kills. Still, LGD were unfazed. The Chinese team took a solid Game 3 win and booked their ticket to the playoffs.

Mineski had to wait until the very end of the day to play their match agaisnt Team Empire, who had beat Kinguin earlier in the day. Both teams played somewhat inconsistently, perhaps due to how late at night it was in Shanghai, but Mineski drafted themselves a very aggressive lineup for the third and final game, allowing them to run over Empire and finish the series in a dominant fashion.

StarLadder playoff bracket

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