Best of Genting's side content including a bonus giant Jenga match

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ESL One Genting's schedule ran almost like clockwork but they still had time to throw in a few little videos here and there.

A behind the scenes piece of content for a sponsor of the main event Red Bull, this game of giant Jenga had a long list of cameos including; IceIceiCe, Jabz, Bulba and Mushi. Redeye and Capitalist provided the commentary for the tense ending to the competition. If you want to witness a nice fun piece of behind the scenes content, then check out the video above posted on Ren Vitug's Facebook Page. There are too many cameos to count but see who you spot. Noxville punching out one of the pieces was my take away moment from this video.

The second of two videos using a popular format seen on shows like Jimmy Fallon, where the guests wear noise cancelling headphones while listening to music. They then have to guess what word is being said to them purely by reading the person's lips.

us compLexity Gaming's "Smash or Die" was shown early on in the tournament but is definitely worth a watch, although be warned you may end up skipping some segments due to sexual innuendo overload.

Watch as Puppey and MidOne tried to make the other guess 10 words in the time limit. The format of the game is fairly irrelevant, this is worth watching simply for the interactions between the two players.

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