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The joinDOTA League groups are officially live! Take a look at the League, size up the competition and brush up on how jDL will work this season before the action begins.

Scheduling your matches

The key to victory this season is communication. Both on the battlefield and in the jDL, it is critical to ensure everyone is on the same page. Of utmost importance is Rule 9 regarding match scheduling. Your matches can be played at any point during the week in which they're scheduled; however, both teams have to be on the same page. The key to communication is a good match page, and we've got you covered! Head to your week's match page and coordinate with your competition there. Please keep in mind that, if no consensus is reached, the preset Sunday match time will be the default date of play.

Roster changes

Now, we know busy schedules and rescheduling can cause issues with your roster but fear not! Per Rule 10.II, each team is allowed to add two more players to their team throughout the season. In addition, up to two stand-ins are still allowed to play if the players are eligible stand-ins. For more information on how stand-ins work, please see Rule 10.IV.

Tickets, tickets, tickets!

Lastly, there will always be hiccups and disagreements in any tournament. In order to facilitate resolutions, make use of our support tickets! If your opponents don't respond or result the match, if they flame or simply don't show, head to the tickets. When in doubt, fill it out. Our admins will get to tickets as soon as possible to help guide you through your time in the jDL.

Season 12 Schedule

Playday #1
Playday #2
Playday #3
Playday #4
Playday #5
Playday #6
Playday #7
Tiebreakers go live
Playoffs go live

Jan 24-28
Jan 29 - Feb 4
Feb 5-11
Feb 12-18
Feb 19-25
Feb 26 - Mar 4
Mar 5-11
Mar 14
Mar 14-18
Mar 21
Mar 21 - Apr 1

We wish you good luck on the jDL fields of battle!