Vocal support for a shaky but enjoyable Galaxy Battles

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It's been a rough road for organizer Fallout Gaming and Galaxy Battles 2 these past few months but now that the event has concluded, many members of the Dota 2 community have come forward to express their support and praise for the event.


Several players and talent were quick to defend the event before it even started, referencing their treatment by organizers and hopes for a big crowd turnout like previous events in the Philippines.

Alright, Galaxy battles is looking like it's going to be one dank tournament. Now for only the 🇵🇭 fans to show up tomorrow and it's going to be lit.— Theeban Siva (@1437x) January 18, 2018

Got hooked up as soon as I was off the plane got Wendy's brought to me and a SIM card free internet for the ride to the hotel!— LyricalDota (@LyricalDota) January 17, 2018

Police escort for traffic, bodyguards and transport every day. Galaxy battles looking good already pic.twitter.com/HwIsSBOVy7— Aliwi Omar (@w33haa) January 17, 2018

Everybody needs to chill with the unreal free karma hate train. I can't tell you how many other LANs the practice area is unplayable day one with packet loss or a bad setup, the organizers are unresponsive to issues, and/or the venue is a shoddy death trap in some random space.— Phillip Aram (@Phillip_Aram) January 18, 2018

Player treatment has been amazing here in the Philippines, would have never expected this much. Excited for tomorrow's play day 🤜— Jesse Vainikka (@iamJERAX) January 18, 2018


People's tune hadn't changed after the event concluded either. While things didn't go off without a hitch, it was a definite improvement over past events.

0 internet issues, dedicated transport, stage booths, fine catering, and attentive staff (🙌 David & Rachel!). With better communication w/ GAB, #GalaxyBattles2018 may well have retained its major status. There's still hope!— Evany Chang (@the_evany) January 21, 2018

Galaxy battle is really nice, it's a shame that this won't be a major 🇵🇭.— Sumail (@SumaaaaiL) January 17, 2018

The crowd at Galaxy Battles shows again what a great destination for esports the Philippines are. We should go back there soon.— Ulrich Schulze (@theflyingdj) January 21, 2018

Really cool to see the Pinoy crowd proving why we need more events in the Philippines. It's a hype, engaging and passionate crowd that has an unmatched energy— Skim (@SkimGaming) January 21, 2018

Was doubtful about Galaxy Battles, but am glad to be proved wrong, as the crowd are sure getting the show they deserve!The memes that the event has produced have been top class, and Eri's been amazing.Hope that things change in the future so the Philippines can get that major!!— Owen Davies (@ODPixel) January 21, 2018

While most were praising the event's success, Vega Squadron coach (and former TNC coach) Muriëlle "Kipspul" Huisman had a more measured take.

Possibly controversial opinion: Galaxy still being wobbly after getting downsized significantly shows that this is the maximum event size Fallout should have ran in the first place.— Muriëlle ''Kips'' Huisman (@Kipspul) January 21, 2018

PH fans deserve big, well-organized LANs. That they will always show up & cheer their hearts out is a reason to treat them better, not to make them settle for less. https://t.co/ukeaMJpEOj— Muriëlle ''Kips'' Huisman (@Kipspul) January 21, 2018

As a viewer, what were your impressions of Galaxy Battles 2? Let us know in the comments!

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