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3:0 - what a dominant way for ca Digital Chaos* to destroy world OpTic Gaming in the final game for GESC E-Series: Jakarta.

The final series was a demonstration - not a single game was lost by the winning team. But it was not OpTic Gaming, led by star drafter us Peter 'ppd' Dager who won the game: ca Digital Chaos* got the NA spot for GESC Jakarta.

The Canadian squad including ex-eu OG player ca David 'Moonmeander' Tan learned their lessons from the first face-off with OpTic in the qualifier. While Animal planet didn't win a single game in the upper bracket final, they stomped ppd and his mates in the Grand Final of the qualifier.

Kyle can't stop Aui & Co.

Before Animal Planet finished the qualifier by facing OpTic twice, it was us compLexity Gaming who took two losses against the Canadians.

Both times coL started perfectly into the series by winning game one. In the semifinals they even took the game in less than 25 minutes - what a dominant start to the series. Animal planet still concentrated on their game plan sticking to Tusk for all three games, giving them a way back into the series. Perfect teamplay by AP stopped coL in finding an opening for a good teamfight.

The second series in the lower bracket featured a long second game as it took more than 50 minutes to find a winner. Again AP got the 1:1 draw by winning game two and then used the momentum to get the whole series under control.

Animal planet showed a dominant performance, won against both favourites for the NA qualifier. They deserve their spot for GESC Jakarta.

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