Effect are Major bound with first Pro Circuit qualifier victory

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A new challenger from CIS will take the stage at the ESL One Katowice 2018 after their first qualifier victory of the Pro Circuit so far: ru Effect. m@@@@@@@@@@@@@j000000000000R b00000000000000000ySSSSSSSSSS— Afonin Andrey (@Afoninje) January 12, 2018

The team was understandably excited after their dominant 3-0 victory against Vega Squadron this afternoon, tweeting out the result before the official stream’s five-minute delay had passed. Effect have managed quite a few 4th and 3rd-4th finishes in qualifiers since September, but their performance today has finally earned them their first shot at Qualifying Points.

Brewmaster, Shadow Fiend and Dragon Knight were favourite picks of Effect in the series, even opting to draft both traditionally midlane picks SF and DK in the third and final game of the series. ru Andrey 'Afoninje' Afonin took Dragon Knight to the bottom lane, where his early points in Dragon Blood allowed him to sustain in lane against kg Evgeniy 'Blizzy' Ree’s Sand King.

Effect will be up against some tough competition at ESL One Katowice but it will also be much deserved LAN experience for a team working hard for a place in the spotlight.

Photo source: Effect on VK

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