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As the year comes to a close we'd like to take a moment both to congratulate the winners of joinDOTA League Season 11 as well as fill you in on our plans for the next three seasons as well as when you can sign up for Season 12!

Our Season 11 European Division one team is none other than PENTA Sports, the same team who just qualified for ESL One Genting 2018. They've been one to watch in European Dota all season and now they're finally headed to a big stage after a long season of cutting their teeth in jDL. Take a closer look at their playoff win here!

. @joinDOTA season 11 champs!!!😉😉😉😉😉 GGs to Team Doggie!!!!— Dino Šavuk (@PENTA_dnz) December 15, 2017

In Southeast Asia, ph HappyFeet came out on top in a hotly contested playoff round. They had tough opponents in the best-of-five Grand Final match against my WarriorsGaming.Unity. If you can only watch one of the games from this series, Game 2 is the one to choose. Catch up on jDL SEA playoff action here.

JDL champion! We won the whole tournament boys! GGWP to WarriorsGaming.Unity! We still have a couple of tournaments left before the year ends so make sure to like this page to stay updated!— HappyFeet Dota2 (@HappyfeetDota2) December 7, 2017

Finally, in the joinDOTA League Season 11 Americas Playoffs we had everyone's new favourite Summit couch member us Brian 'BananaSlamJamma' Canavan and his squad us Leviathan come out on top. For a mashup of some of the best moments from the Americas playoff, head here.

We are your #JDL America Season 11 Champs!! GGs to Wheel! @BananaSlamJamma @whiteBeardDotA @NewshamDota @MonkeysDota @garterdota2— Leviathan Dota (@LvTDota) December 2, 2017

joinDOTA League Season 12 (and beyond!)

As we've already mentioned, plans are already in place for three more seasons of joinDOTA League. We know you're eagerly awaiting news on when you'll be able to sign up for Season 12, so here is a short timeline!

January 3 2018 - Sign up begins for Season 12
January 18 2018 - Pre-Season sign-up ends
January 20-21 2018 - Pre-Season
January 21 2018 - Sign-up ends
January 24 2018 - Season 12 begins!

April 2018 - Season 13
August 2018 (after TI8) - Season 14

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