"No mercy" - Ramzes godlike as VP reach Grand Finals undefeated

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ru Virtus.pro will have the chance to defend their Summit title in the Grand Finals following an extremely convincing win over pl Team Kinguin*.

VP have yet to lose a single game at Dota Summit 8
Kinguin suffered a beating from ua Vladimir 'No[o]ne' Minenko's Tiny in both of the two games and were overall outclassed by the CIS team, even though they were competing with coach Artstyle as a stand-in for captain Solo.

The result was not unexpected considering VP 3-0ed eu OG last night and have in fact not lost a single game in the entire Dota Summit 8. VP went 6-0 in the groupstage and the 3-0 over OG yesterday and 2-0 over Kinguin today, means they could win the tournament with a perfect record.

Kinguin's performance in the group was outstanding and the Poles deserve credit for finishing first in a group with included both us Evil Geniuses and us compLexity Gaming. 1st place in Group B meant Kinguin were already assured of their first DPC Points of the Pro Circuit, and their best finish at a high profile LAN finals. VP now progress to the Grand Finals where they will play either OG or Fnatic.

Razor was the nail in the coffin for Kinguin's draft
In the first game versus VP, Kinguin lost to Medusa, a hero they are familiar with but chose not to ban. Come second game they did not let Medusa pass through but they decided to not ban Tiny. No[o]ne has played Tiny in all 3 of VP's series at Dota Summit 8, a hero OG's dk Johan 'BigDaddyN0tail' Sundstein has also used to great effect.

Although No[o]ne's Tiny in Game 2 versus Kinguin was formidable, it was VP's last pick which truly spelled the end for Kinguin. Kinguin went for a Solo core Lifestealer draft, and in terms of late game potential Kinguin would be heavily reliant on pl Natan 'Exotic Deer' Michalewicz's hero.

However, VP's last pick Razor took over the game and by 15 to 20 minutes was in full control, especially after his 19 minute BKB. With Ramzes simply using Static Link on Kinguin's Lifestealer at the start of every fight, the Polish team had no damage output as the magic damage of Puck and Ancient Apparition were countered by BKBs on Ramzes and No[o]ne, as this clip shows:

After taking the lead VP played it cool and from 20-30 minutes let their lead grow, before dealing the killing blow at 37 minutes. "No mercy" was how analyst Fogged described VP's performance while GrandGrant labelled it a "clinical performance".

Here are a couple of fun little snippets I found during the second game:

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