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Last night was the third and final joinDOTA League Season 11 Grand Final. Europe was the last region to crown a champion, and eu Gang Squad* earned their title with a convincing 3-0 over eu Team Doggie*.

PENTA's 14 win/4 loss record over the regular season put them at the top of the European round robin. This meant that when it came to the playoffs, they were seeded directly in the best-of-five Grand Final. Team Doggie had a 10/8 record, putting them in 4th place overall. Despite this relatively poor score, they took 2-0 victories in the quarterfinal and semifinal round against eu Team Singularity* and rs Elements Pro Gaming to face PENTA in the Grand Final.

The two teams have faced each other a few times before and unfortunately for Team Doggie, PENTA seem to have their number. Including this jDL best-of-five, PENTA have shut out Doggie in all four matches they've played. A moment about 18 minutes into Game 1 of last night's series was the closest Doggie have ever been to a comeback in any of their games against PENTA. At least Doggie stand-in ba Admir 'lizZard' Salkanović apparently has a handy scapegoat in this situation.

That's the last jDL Season 11 playoff, which means it's just about time to talk about Season 12! You heard that right, we're already preparing for the new season and beyond. We've got the next three seasons planned out already. Season 12 is due to start in early January, so stay tuned for more specific details in the new year. For now, enjoy your holidays but don't forget to get your team ready to take on the new season!

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