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One region and three matches remain in the joinDOTA League Season 11 playoffs. This week, four European squads will vie for dominance, all brought to you live by our own Gareth Bateson.

eu Gang Squad* have secured themselves a spot in the best-of-five Grand Final thanks to a solid 14-4 record in the regular season but, as we've seen from the Asia and Americas playoffs, that doesn't guarantee them a win. While Asia top seed ph HappyFeet came out on top in their playoff, Americas second place seed us Wheel Whreck While Whistling upset us Leviathan 3-0 for the win.

Fresh off a run at ROG Masters 2017 in Kuala Lumpur last weekend, PENTA should be ready to face tough competition in the Grand Final. Before we get ahead of ourselves, we'll have to find them a opponent.

Things get started with the quarterfinal match between eu Team Singularity* (formerly known as Rocket Scientists) and eu Team Doggie* Dec 13 at 19 CET. The winner of that match will face eu NBA* in the semifinal match Dec 14 at 19 CET, to determine the second Grand Finalist. The Grand Final goes down Dec 15 at 18 CET, and all three matches will be broadcast on joinDOTARed, cast by Gareth.

For a taste what's to come, check out our highlights from the jDL Season 11 Asia finals last week. We're sure EU will be just as action-packed.

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