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ROG Masters 2017 group stage has determined the playoff bracket seeding and both world OpTic Gaming and ru Team Empire's performances have given them a free pass to the Semifinal round.

The group stage consisted of the six teams split into two groups, who played two-game series in a round robin. This meant just three matches plus tiebreakers, but no tiebreakers were needed for the top spots as OpTic and Empire both won clean 2-0s against the other two teams in their respective groups.

Though the end result was decisive, no team gave up any quick and easy wins. The four teams left to battle it out in tomorrow's playoff quarterfinals should put on a great show.

ROG MASTERS opted not to have an English broadcast for the groupstage games, dedicating their main stream to the CS:GO portion of the event. The community cried out and ROG listened, and an English broadcast has been promised starting tomorrow. The Dota 2 matches will take place after the CS:GO matches, scheduled to start around 13:15 local time.

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