Hot_Bid: "I liked the Dreamleague regular season more than the Major"

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During the latest episode of HotCox the two hosts discussed their thoughts on the recent DreamLeague Major broadcast and whether the online stage topped the offline stage.

Hot_Bid says the regular season was amazing but Major broadcast was "generic"
In the BTS show host Ken "Hot_Bid" Chen voiced his opinion that he felt the online stage of the DreamLeague season was more compelling than the Major LAN Finals held in Sweden over the weekend. Hot_Bid said he thought that, excluding the LAN segment of the competition, Dreamleague was an A+ but that the LAN portion was "generic".

Co-host Kotlguy echoed the same thoughts and it triggered an interesting reaction from the Twitch chat present as users discussed whether they too felt the same way. The two hosts then went on to discuss the choice of panel at the Major, stating that SirActionSlacks was in a tough situation trying to be his usual self on a panel with three serious characters in Nahaz, Fogged and Blitz.

The DreamLeague Major over the weekend was the second Major on the Pro Circuit, following ESL One Hamburg at the end of October. Unlike ESL One Hamburg which employed a single elimination playoffs, Dreamleague adopted a double elimination format which made for 2 extremely long broadcasts days on Friday and Saturday, with host Nahaz eventually losing his voice by the end of the second day.

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