Na'Vi crumble at Major, Arteezy the executioner. EG reach final 3

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ua Natus Vincere looked poised to force a game three against us Evil Geniuses but their game plan fell to pieces and Arteezy was there to finish them off.

TobiWan: "A game that looked unloseable for Na'Vi is won by Evil Geniuses"
The commentary team called it an "unloseable game for Na'Vi" after a thunderous start from the CIS team. Na'Vi were 1 game down but a great early game especially in the mid-lane gave them a significant early networth lead. They had Zeus, Brewmaster and an Undying that made the mid-lane a safe haven for Dendi, and they also took down an early Roshan.

pk Sumail 'SumaiL' Syed Hassan was thrown under the bus in the mid-lane after being constantly harassed by ru Vladimir 'RodjER' Nikogosyan's Undying. SumaiL was on Timbersaw but the constant Decay spam from Undying along with the magic damage from Dendi's Zeus cost him two lives in the opening 8 minutes of the second game of the series.

Arteezy "playing out of his mind" this Major on classic heroes - ODPixel
When asked post-series how SumaiL handled the Undying harassment, dk Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen said that SumaiL was feeling the pressure but the team tried to help him get through it. With SumaiL left playing catch-up it was up to ca Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev to lead the charge as Gyrocopter, a responsibility analyst ODPixel said he knew he could handle.

"From the start of that game you guys had doubts but you've got to trust in Arteezy," said ODPixel on the analyst panel with Slacks and Fogged. "Arteezy has had numerous performances here on this LAN, just the most solid carrying I've seen in a while."

One of the final daggers we dropped in the series features @SumaaaaiL rebounding fully from his rough start — tanky Timbers make for easy damage in this @SanDiskGaming Snapshot.— Evil Geniuses (@EvilGeniuses) 2 December 2017

"It doesn't surprise me that he got it (MVP Award), Arteezy has just been playing out of his mind each and every time he gets on one of these classic cores. I love it when EG manage to get him on the Luna or the Gyro, two heroes Arteezy is incredibly comfortable on despite how things go in the early game he is always able to pick it up and be that strong carry that EG can rely on."

Arteezy who had already impressed on Luna in game 1 went 14-1 in game 2 on Gyrocopter, purchasing a 35 minute Nullifier to ensure Na'Vi could not try to chain their spells together to take him out. Evil Geniuses had destroyed Na'Vi in the first game but for EG to come back in the manner they did in game 2 makes the prospect of them facing Team Liquid tomorrow a really exciting one. Evil Geniuses have now won three games back-to-back in the lower-bracket.

Silver lining for Na'Vi
For Na'Vi there is a silver lining and that is they have earned their first TI8 Qualifying Points. Navi become the 12th team to do so and the 4th place at the DreamLeague Major is their highest placement so far on the Pro Circuit. Na'Vi will head to the MDL Macau Minor next week as the CIS representative, their final Pro Circuit event of 2017.

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